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May 24, 2008

Eat Like Adam And Eve: Food For Thought

By NiteOwlDave

This may sound a way too simplistic, but it makes sense to this chimp that the reason there is sickness in this world is because there is sin in the world.

God Word, the Bible, says when Adam and Eve sinned, it launched a giant sickness mess which mankind has and must deal with. Some of the mess we create ourselves.

There are things that we ignore that hurt our body. Of course, there are people who take excellent care of their bodies and still get sick. We often get sick because we have done stupid things to hurt or destroy our bodies.

If we decide to become a junky or an alcoholic, we will or can blow our health. Overloading on too much fatty-rich, or sugar-rich foods can screw us into our graves before our time.

If we are a Christian, we need to think about our bodies being, as the Bible puts it, the temple of the Holy Spirit and to guard it. We should caretaker our shelter because it just makes sense.

Reports from the famous cancer research center Johns-Hopkins Hospital point out that we all have cancer cells in our bodies.

But, they are not detected until they have multiplied to a few billion. They are only detected when we are in discomfort or through tests. The body eliminates most cancer cells before they can divide becoming tumors.

By and large, cancer is directly related to nutrition. That is why it is important that we take care of our bodies to empower our immune system.

Chemotherapy is one of the most popular ways doctor's fight cancer cells. Chemo was orginally developed by the Nazi’s during World War II to put into bombs as a weapon of mass destruction. It is that powerful. According to Johns-Hopkins, a most effective way to kill cancer cells is to starve them.

What foods do the cells need to gain strength and multiply? Foods that give cancer a boost are ones high in sugar, fatty-rich and milk. Foods are generally processed. Not good, the experts say. Beef and pork can hurt us because they are high in acid.

A diet made up of 80 per cent vegetables, fruit, whole grains, seeds, nuts, beans, and legumes, keep the body in an alkaline environment (the opposite of acid). Also, we are advised, avoid caffeinated coffees and teas.

Wait a minute -- this is the same diet that God gave to Adam and Eve! What a surprise! And Johns-Hopkins is just finding it out.