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December 6, 2012

To Bee or Not to Be

It is hard not to mock the idea of evolution as a solid science when one considers even the simple things of nature.

Consider the ho-hum, work-a-day world of the common honeybee.

Bees build a complicated nest city with 10,000 cells for honey and 12,000 cells for larvae. One special holy-of-holy cell is home to the large queen bee. One tiny bee is in charge of air conditioning.

If the temperature gets to the point where the wax may melt and the honey lost, the alarm will be sounded and swarms of bees will be organized inside the hive.

With feet "glued" down, a squadron posted at the entrance will fan in cooler outside air by wing power. The result is a ventilation system that makes the electric fan seem commonplace.

To gather the ingredients which will eventually become honey, the not-so-simple bee will drone as far as 20 miles from its hive.

If one happens upon a rich section of flowers, it somehow directs other worker bees to the site.

There is no God involved here? Yeah, right!