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October 21, 2016


By NiteOwlDave

There are a few important truths that our Muslim friends need to know about America and the Christian faith.

First, despite claims to the contrary, the US is not a Christian country. It is a melting pot of religious diversity which the US Constitution allows.

A small number of Islamists live here. A much larger number of so-called Christians call the US home. Over 25 per cent are said to be evangelical Protestants. Twenty per cent cue up behind the Pope as Roman Catholics.

According to the PewResearch Center at , there are -        
Non-Christian Faiths (Total 5.9%)
    Other World Religions (Total 0.3%)
We may be surprised to learn that Hollywood plays a vital role for the Muslim’s erroneous perception of what it means to be a Christian.

Islamists believe that the US is a Christian country, and therefore believe that the movies and TV programming they see reflect Christian values and the teaching of the Bible. In the majority of Muslim countries, programming is controlled as is all pro-Muslim entertainment.

Hollywood is hardly bound by such restrictions. Few script writers and film makers are Bible-believing Christians. Movies today are laced with cursing Christ, sexual deviance and marital cheating, cheap-thrill killing, and the joy of illegal drug usage.

These are not things that square with what the Bible teaches.

In Iran, Hollywood movies are not shown on TV or at the theaters, but people can watch them by satellite or DVDs which are illegal in the country. Nevertheless, many are said to watch them.

Says a middle-aged Iranian-born man, who was raised to believe that Hollywood tells the truth before he fled, at age 20, to a nearby country, got saved, and now is in the Lord’s work full-time.

“Muslims think that what they see are how Christians in America really live or approve."

 “Hollywood doesn’t reflect the God-fearing side of man in their movies,” he said. “The opposite is true. It promotes too much sin and evil.

“The film people produce movies and television sitcoms that, generally, mock and curse the Lord Jesus Christ and present a Bible-believer as a mindless fool."

He adds, “Hollywood rarely tells the truth of the crucified and risen Christ whose shed blood paid the total sin debt for those who will repent of their sins and accept Him.”

Hollywood and most U.S. media groups fear the Islamic extremists. They are aware that a simple drawing of Allah or Mohammad sends the Muslims on the warpath seeking the blood of the “infidels.”

A Muslim believes the baloney that killing in the name of Allah increases his chances of gaining entry into virgin-clogged Heaven. A Muslim has no assurance of Heaven, ever.

The Bible says entry into Heaven is based upon placing our faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ, and has nothing to do with our good works. Of course, it is a given that a Christian should do good works as evidence of our faith.