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April 19, 2013

The computer and the DID brain BACK TO THE FUTURE

 By NiteOwlDave

This writer is not a schooled psychiatrist or a therapist. He is a self-taught online counsellor with 13 years’ experience of helping trauma and abuse survivors with DID alters get saved and healed through Christ.

The computer and the human brain have more in common than being mammoth storage bins.

A computer has a System Restore feature where one can roll back its memory to an earlier time and access the data that was held and displayed then.

Those who work with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) have a similar although opposite ability.

Through the alter personalities, we are able to access a survivor’s past in “real” time today. Alters bring forward vivid details of past trauma and abuse, usually from a time in their childhood.

Alters created by the host person hold painful memories away from the brain so he or she can survive severe mental damage that could prompt suicide or have a survivor institutionalized. The alters and the host are called a system.

When trust is established between a knowledgeable therapist or counsellor and a patient, details of what happened in a client’s past can be learned. With time, the alters can be healed and integrated back in to one, the host.

I suggest the process is much easier if the Lord Jesus Christ is asked to lead the therapist or counsellor during sessions. Christ will bring to the surface the alters who need the most immediate help.

If demons are attached to the alters, as often they are, Christ – and Christ alone – must lead the way.

If we draw upon any other source of power in the spiritual realm, we are asking for trouble. All other spiritual sources are of Satan. That’s a broad accusation, but it is true.

Accessing a survivor’s past requires switching, where an alter - and there are usually dozens or more – is called forward or “out.”

Much of what alters will share about the secrets they hold with a trusted outsider is seldom know by the host before healing and integration take place.

We will not address healing and integration here. Nor shall we look at the mental and spiritual fallout to children from Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) with its torture, evil rituals and programming.

It is understandable that a host is shocked to learn what he or she went through as a child. But it immediately helps the host to understand why he/she loses time and it accounts for memory loss from the switching of personalities.

System Restore in the memory of a survivor of severe trauma and hurt is like peeling an onion of buried hurt.

(Note: Alters and the host use the same vocal cords.)

Alters can prompt a smile, too. Not everything with DID is so serious. Following are tidbit items from I have gathered from alters who interact with their hosts –

·  * One alter advised me to be careful not to step on “land mines” when I go outside. The host had no clue what the young one was talking about. It turned out the alter, age five, was recounting what
she had been warned to avoid stepping on at her age. “Land mines” mean dog poop.                                           
·  * A child alter wondered out loud if she was going to get many “prezzies” this year. The host cut in and exclaimed, “My word, I haven’t heard that word for 40 years. I remember that I asked my mother that once at Christmas.”

·  * I once had a hand in teaching a child alter how to work a straw. She got the hang of sucking up the chocolate milk the host bought for her but quickly discovered it was more fun to blow and make bubbles.

·  * Another flashback word used by a child alter once was “nifty.” Now there’s an old fashioned word.

·  * One time an alter asked me to show her some “films.” Today, films are called Cds or videos.

·  * Another alter asked the host to show her the cartoon All Dogs Go To Heaven. That movie was suddenly remembered by the host.