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November 14, 2011

Questions and Answers


Q. If Jesus preached love and all, why is that that some Christians are intolerant of Muslims, Hindu, Jews, Pagans, etc.? I've had enough.

A. All who profess Christianity are not necessarily true Christians. True believers in Christ will hate the false religion that leads people to Hell while loving the person enough to warn them of their religious error.

Q. Either Jesus is some kind of power-hungry corrupt prophet or Christians have got it all wrong, right?

A. Would you still call Jesus "power hungry" if you knew His claims were true? Read the Gospel of John with an open mind.

Q. I'm sick of it. I'm tired of all the pain and suffering people have put me through.

A. God will eventually judge all those who have caused you "pain and suffering" (11 Peter 2:9). What other religion offers this kind of equality and justice?

Q. You know what? These hell claims are just fear tactics. I was watching a documentary on Hell and these people dramatized it back 1,000 something years ago to scare people into their beliefs.

A. Would you call it "scare tactics" if some screaming maniac awakened you out of sleep to tell you your house was on fire? Is he a hero or a villain? The Bible says, "Flee from the wrath to come!" (Luke 3:7).

Q. If Christianity is the only way, why is it that Christianity came after Paganism, Hinduism, the ancient religions of Greece and Egypt and Judaism.

A. God predated ALL religions (Gen. 1:1). When Adam and Eve sinned, God killed animals to cover their nakedness, symbolic of the fact that covering sin required a blood sacrifice.

The human race became sinful thereafter. By the time of the flood, corruption flourished (Genesis 6:5). Paganism and its many false religious faces developed after the flood through Nimrod in Mesopotamia around the time of the tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9).

God chose Abraham and the Jews around 2,000 BC as His mediators of truth and salvation to mankind (Genesis 12:1,2; 17:6-8. etc.)

New Testament Christianity flows right out of Old Testament Judaism in which God promised to send a Redeemer who would die as the blood sacrifice for the sins of the world (Isaiah 53).

Christ's substitutionary death around 30 AD means that the repetitious blood sacrifices of the Old Testament are no longer necessary. Forgiveness of sin, past, present, and future is available to all who receive Christ as their Savior.

How great is that?! God has devised a plan that satisfies his judgment against sin and offers salvation as a free gift to all who receive it. All other religions are Satan's lies designed to deceive and confuse the unwary (Luke 8:44).

Q. I want proof that the Bible is the only valid source of truth. Can you give that?

A. There is far too much proof of the divine origin of Scripture to cover in this forum. I have previously suggested that you read the book, "Evidence that Demands a Verdict," by Josh McDowell. The prophetic evidence alone for the divine source of the Bible is overwhelming.

Q. There are just as many prophecies and science in the Torah and Quran as there are in the Bible

A. The Torah IS the first five books of the Bible. Every prophecy and scientific statement therein is accurate. There are NO fulfilled prophecies in the Quran except those Mohammed copied from the Bible. Thanks for your great questions.