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July 9, 2010


Things That TRIGGER

By NiteOwlDave

Those who deal with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) are triggered - which means they switch personalities and are tossed into a flashback - six different ways:

1. Words

2. Smells
3. Sounds
4. Visual images
5. Unwanted touch

It often takes time and much practice to learn them. Take notes.


It is wise to presume that most graphic sexual words will trigger a survivor of sexual abuse.

In the same ballpark are words like “babe” and such. Words
of that type are used by abusers in their sick efforts to attract, turn-on or “comfort” their targets of sexual hurt.

Whispering to a survivor is often VERY triggery. Survivors have heard lying whispers during abuse.

If an abuse survivor has been through the many hurts of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), it should be presumed that ALL God words are triggers which will prompt horrific flashbacks.

They can usually deal with the name Jesus, but not the word Christ. I won’t address the reason here.

Avoid using these words. Of course, there are other words.

1. Master

2. Christ
3. Blood

4. Lord
5. Savior

6. Alter, as Satanist's use evil altars, and crosses for their evil sacrificial practices.

7. Crucify
8. Cross
9. Slave
10. Basement
11. Christmas and Christian music

The Lord Jesus Christ can hear the heart, so it’s no big about not using
clearly-pronounced words.

When a survivor gets saved and exposes himselve/herself to Christian music and Christian counseling, these triggers will sometimes be lifted, although, usually one at a time. It usually takes much time, focus and prayer.

Words spoken in anger and loud noises like crowds can trigger.

I’ve discovered a safe way around the God-related triggers is to use initials.

I tell SRA survivors that we are saved by the “b of the real L JC.”

The words these initials represent are used in connection with severe hurt (brainwashing) at Covens by Satanists. All Covens have abusive men and woman who claim they are God, Jesus, cops, priests, pastors, teachers, etc. They are, of course, fakes who hurt the held children.

The Satanists twist every sacred word of the true God and the
true Lord Jesus Christ. Their gross actions and lies create severe hurt and confusion in the minds of those held.

Do not use striking words that refer to hurting such as:
1. Hit

2. Strike
3. Slap
4. Smack.
5. Hurt, etc.

It is generally okay to refer to these words as “bad things that were
said and done to you.”

Many survivors will not watch TV or movies because of horror blood scenes. Trigger words are often used and there may be love, touch scenes.


The triggers prompted by smells and sounds are different with
each survivor.

I suspect that the smell of aftershave, beer and blood, for example, may be triggers to all survivors..

I was once advised by a survivor never to use the word clock. I didn’t
pursue why it was but accepted it.

Another survivor told me she triggers if she hears jangling keys. She
said her abusive father always did that when he arrived home.

Anyone who is going to befriend or try to help an abuse survivor
must be alert to these below-the-surface triggers and avoid them. Don’t hesitate to ask a survivor what to avoid saying or even talking about.


Survivors may trigger or will certainly turn away from quickly anything that reminds them of their abusers.

That can be anything from a guy – or gal, as women sexually abuse
females too – who walks, talks or has certain mannerisms of an abuser from their past.

The sight of a person wearing a seldom seen baseball hat can trigger. A candle or fire can cause an MPD'er to trance which means Demons – if they are linked to the host body - can take control.


It is wise to never touch or hug a survivor without permission. A soft touch to the elbow can be even difficult to take.


One survivor told me she wouldn’t eat bacon because her Satanist father forced it down her throat as a child. She says seeing bacon in a store tosses her back into that memory and makes her switch.

She said she also detests miniature hot dogs, but she can eat regular-sized hot dogs. “I don’t know why,” she says. “There must be memory link there that I’m unaware of.”

The taste of blood can be a monstrous trigger.


We must keep in mind that survivors of brief or prolonged sexual abuse who have other personalities - or insiders – are not freaks.

Their life is a mountainous journey.

We must talk and walk tenderly.

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