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January 10, 2011


By Harold Smith

: It is being said that God is cruel and wrong in destroying people, especially small children, who have never heard of Jesus and the gospel?

: Let us use one Bible illustration.

In the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah, there were most certainly children who perished in the fire.

Man looks at this and then at God and concluded that God must be wrong for such a terrible judgment.

The problem man has is he uses the wrong premise for his argument. He should first look at who God is, and then at what God has done.

In the case of Sodom, God could foresee that all innocent children would grow up into that very sin and it would spread like a virus in the world, so He nipped it in the bud and destroyed the cities.

Now as to the innocent children, God saved them from developing in that sinful society, and because of their innocence, they would have died and gone to Heaven.

So actually He did the children a favor in taking them away.

Those not innocent would know from creation that there was a God (Romans 1:20) and by their conscience (Rom 2:14). They were without excuse.

Let us not blame God for His justice because man will not repent of his sins and turn to Him through Christ.

Many have heard about the Savior and still neglect or reject Him.

What can a true and righteous God do but eventually judge them?


By NiteOwlDave

It is puzzling to me why God allows us to use Him as some kind of a safety value where we control the on-off switch.

God can’t be thrilled about being called upon like an ambulance when tragedy strikes like the bombs blasts in Oklahoma City and the downing of the World Trade Center building.

During times of duress, prayer and reference to Scripture is both welcomed and sought after.

When we are feeling comfortable and have no national hurts, we govern God stuff sternly, always aware of high court rulings and political correctness.

Public prayers in Jesus’ name at Ground Zero Sept. 11, 2001, in New York City is fine. Try that there any other time and the “right’s” people will show up with the cops in toe. It’s a wonder God doesn’t ignore us.