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August 21, 2012

An up-close look at Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)

(Note: There are trigger words in this article.)

By NiteOwlDave

Most Christians know little about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), which is the same as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), or Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).

Some who know a little about them, wrongly say it is all of Satan and therefor will not reach out to help struggling survivors.

SRA is Satanic-rooted, yes. Helping those who survive it is more complicated than those with DID.

is of God, and is a safety setup where alters - other personalities - are distinct parts of the brain (the mind, will and emotions) that hold painful memories that the host or core person may not know anything about. Often a person's entire childhood is hidden from their memory by alters.

God allows a child who is trapped in trauma like repeated sexual abuse to create alters, male and female and different ages, to take the abuse and hold the memories. Without alters, a traumatized child would likely commit suicide or go insane.

DID and SRA: Also called insiders, others or friends by the system group, alters are sometimes in people who have experienced outrageous trauma like repeated rape, beatings, mutilations and murder.

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is a Satanic demon romp where animals and the babies of young teens and others are sacrificed to Lucifer at a secret gathering places where they have ceremonies. These places are not to be confused with Covens where witches meet.

SRA also involves other ultimate evil such as satanic vows, curses and the programming of children by loyalists to the Prince of Darkness. Satanists at this level gather at secluded places like a farm and operate well below the radar to avoid detection.

You might find this video of interest

The mainstream media mostly disregards reports of such hidden activity as being ridiculous. I think it is worth considering that Satan and his demons are fogging their thinking as they do with many of us today. We must be aware that the media commonly rejects the idea that there is a real Satan, if not a real God.

One survivor who lost two children to satanic sacrifices told me in 2012,

“My father was a Satanist who called up and attached demons to me when I was a baby by using animal blood and calling upon Lucifer. I learned that from photos my father took and showed me when I was age four.

"My father forced me to spend much of my first 12 years with Satanists where I was repeatedly raped. I was made to kill animals and children as a sacrifice to Lucifer. When I was ages 12 and 14, I was forced to kill and sacrifice my newly born babies.

“A high number of recognizable people from a nearby small town (in the US mid-west) were involved. A doctor from town was there when I gave birth to my two kids who I was then forced to kill and sacrifice to Lucifer. I’ve learned that not all Satanic groups have doctors there when babies are born.

“Other satanistis I recognized in town including cops and business people. Is it any wonder this evil stuff isn’t widely known?

"It was easy for those who held me. They were never investigated. No one would dare rat on them. I too am scared to open my mouth. Talking to you for this article could be dangerous. ”

The woman has since been allowed to blend into society, is a college student, works, lives a quiet lifestyle and is now saved. At this writing, her alters were being saved at a slow pace and her demons were being removed one at a time by the power of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and the help of someone who works in the deliverance field.

Common outward signs of DID: Until a DID system is revealed to the host person and put in a controlled order, a survivor will have sudden alter switches. This can produce headaches.

When an alter switches with the host, it takes over the entire body and becomes someone else. They could switch to be a three-year-old child who then plays with toys, or an 18-year-old who applies makeup which the core person may detests and will remove.

When the host switches back, it is common for the host to feel like he/she has lost time or blanked out. They will remember nothing of what just happened. If they do not know they have DID, they will think they are nuts because of these memory lapses.

Other signs of DID:

. The host person and the alters say "sorry" often. Guilt reflex memories burn deep.
2. They hate to or will not wear a dress because they feel dresses make them too vulnerable.
3. They hate mirrors and photos of themselves. They don't like whom they see, even years after escaping or being set free from their abuser(s).
4. They don't like makeup, although they have an insider or two who do.
5. They have at least one insider who likes sex. Others hate it.
6. When they sit, they often squirm in their seat or swing their left foot.
7. If their hair is long enough, they might chew it or play with it.
8. They may chew on poke holes in their cuffs
9. Each system has a protector who will fly out to defend orally or physically anyone who threatens the system.
10. They trigger or switch personalities when they hear certain bad memory words, etc. The alter who triggers relives the horrible memory connected to that word. Usually sex or religious words are major triggers.
11. When stressed, some rock in one place.
12. Many never feel clean.
13. For obvious reasons, many survivors can eat a banana or a hotdog only if it is cut up.
14. Often, at least one insider deals with Manic Compulsive Disorder which means they are obsessed with showering, hand washing, or such things as flipping a light switch off and on a certain number of times when they enter or leave a room.
15. They self-injure (SI). They cut, scratch, or burn themselves. They feel they want to let out the “bad” inside them. It helps them to feel alive as emotions are often frozen as a child.
16. They HATE to be hugged except perhaps by someone whom they consider very trustworthy and safe like, say, a comforting grandmother.
17. They often have a problem accepting compliments or gifts because they feel they will owe that person sexual payment.
18. They hate the word "love." It is not a safe word. They feel if someone tells them they love them, they want sex.
19. They hate any kind of touch.
20. When a host or alter are scared, they may sit, rock and hum.
21. No matter what the age, they find comfort in their "blankie" and "stuffy" (stuffy animal).
22. They often sleep in a closet or under a bed. One that I talk to sometimes sleeps in a bathtub. They try to find "safe" places.
23. They sleep very little and are often totally exhausted.
24. They have vivid nightmares.
25. Their "body" gets little rest because when asleep, the "littles" - personalities formed when they were abused as a youngster – often surface to color, play, or eat.
26. When awake, they often have a horrible memory hangover. Thus, “I’m having a bad day.”
27. Many cannot stomach ketchup, tomato soup, or red meat. They trigger a blood memory.
28. Most do not like mirrors or photos of themselves.
29. One or more may know sign language to sign to an alter who is deaf.
30. Evil, hurtful shadows - some, likely demons – often lurk inside a system.

Names of Alters: In many DID cases, alters will carry a human name such as Kathryn or Michael because they were created by the host. If they were created by Satanists, they will have a demon name.

If an insider identifies itself to me with a known demon name like Baal or a similar non- human name, that suggests it is linked to a demon. Because I refuse to speak the names of a filthy demon, I assign a traditional new name to the alter using the first initial of the demons. Thus a demonized alter named “Pivion” gets renamed Peter.

How are Alters created? A child dealing with severe and repeated trauma is given by God the power to create alters. Alters take the pain and hold the memories.

Following the lead of a Satanic High Priest, Satanists also create alters through torture and
animal or human sacrifices .

The Satanists attach demons to them and program them to self- destroy, be a call back to advise the Group of where the person is or use them for such things as suicide or murder assignments.

Alters are created and triggers installed by Satanists through torture. Satanists hold alters’ head under water, kick them, lock them in scary basements, rape them on snow or outside during lightning storms, have them dog raped, torch animals drenched with gasoline, and keep them in kennel cages, etc. The host and the alters are taught from the Satanic Bible, about curses and loyalty to the evil one.

Demons attach: Those who follow Satan, summon up and attach demons to traumatized children to
use them to do their dirty work.

According to John 10:10, the role of demons is to kill, steal and destroy.

Costumed Satanists: To trick held children, Satanists trot out members dressed like cops, clowns, firemen, a priest and a pastor, etc., who then abuse the kids. There will be a costumed one who says he the Lord Jesus Christ and another who says he is God.

It is ultimate brain washing. The goal is to make survivors of this Hell forever fear these portrayed ones and fear seeking help from them.

Demons’ legal ground
: A demon’s ground refers to their legal right to certain areas in a person’s life. The blood of an animal or human sacrifice is what gives the demons power. Demons are summoned up and attached to a person. To sever demons, their ground must be declared null and void by the over-riding blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To set a demonized person free, it is important to get the alters to break all ungodly soul ties, repent of sins, renounce ungodly vows, and so forth.

Inside place: Every DID system has what they call an inside place. It is where the alters stay when not out front in the role of host. The inside place is different with every system. Typically, they are a house, a tree, a field, woods, and a cave.

Switching: Switching means a DID alter chooses to switch with an alter who is out front. Something scary will prompt a switch when the protector will charge out. Quick switching causes headaches.

Triggers: See Things That Trigger from my Blog site.

A survivor of SRA will have far more triggers like the words master, Jesus, Christ, God, cross, blood, hit, hurt, cage, water, fire, etc.

Alters who can’t hear: Every now and then, we may come across an alter who is deaf. In such cases, ask the Lord Jesus Christ to give the alter the ability to heard.

Most Christians wrongly believe that self- injury (SI), as in cutting, burning, or smashing the body is of Satan. Of course, it can be. Survivors tell me SI is a coping thing. An abuse survivor self-harms to let out "the bad "or to "feel."

Who in the system needs to be saved for someone with DID to go to Heaven? Some Christian therapists say that all the alters must be saved.

I side with the following answer from a full-time counselor in the field of DID and SRA who says that answer is up to God alone.

She points out, “God's Word says that he who believes will be saved and he who doesn't believe will not be saved - so there is no way to be sure. In my experience, once someone in the system is saved, they all end up trusting Christ as Savior."

Integration: The term refers to the merging of the alters back into the core person. This is a God thing where the fragmented personalities and the host agree to be one.

I recall one host going “inside”, opening her arms wide and “the alters walked into me in a single line. They were smiling. Their work was over. It immediately became quiet in my head.”

August 16, 2012

By NiteOwlDave

Missionary pioneer David Livingston would roll over in his grave if he knew how I share the gospel across the world.

He'd want a closer look.

I share the saving message of Jesus Christ in internet chat rooms by text and by voice every night and often until daybreak if the fish are biting.

The Net allows anyone to chat with someone from Nairobi, Singapore, or Bute, Montana. They are a mere tap on the keyboard or a “Hi there” away.

I enjoy fishing for real, and the Internet is one giant fishing hole where many seekers are angling for the real truth about God and Jesus Christ.

It's difficult not to think of the early trail-blazing missionaries who battled disease and indescribable discomfort when I bring up Paltalk ( and, in comfort, sally off to the Christian chat room section. Many seekers surf the rooms.

Without leaving home, anyone with a relatively simple computer setup can become an Internet jabber- walkie like me. It helps if you're not timid because you can run into people with odd issues and questions. I advise steering clear of debates. They are timewasters.

By copy-and-paste, we can send copies of the Bible with an awesome audio option, the excellent hour-long The Jesus Film in over 1,100 languages, or type in handy Christian video or written websites. Call them electronic tracts.

About 10 years ago, I asked a new Christian who fled to Thailand from Iran if he wanted an Audio Bible. There was a pause. "How much?" he asked. I clucked as I pasted in and hit the send button. "Not a bean," I said with a grin.

He told me sometime later that he had shared Christian sites I sent him with many. Are we living in amazing times, or what?

One can wince with the cost of supporting missionaries dispatched from North America. In 2009, it typically cost $66,000 per year to support an American family of four serving in Brazil. The cost of Internet evangelism is zero.

God bless the missionaries who take the gospel to the four corners of the earth, and often endure tough times. They are needed for face-to-face, hands-on Christian work, God’s boots on the ground who preach, teach, help, show and encourage.

I feel kind of guilty that my fishing hole is a wall away from the fridge, which is stocked full of lazy-guy snack foods. God can't be happy with my kick-back efforts to lead the lost to Christ, can He? Well, so far no lightning has hit the house.

For me, sharing the Good News via the Internet is a great fit. Being retired, no financial support is needed. No visa problems. No food or health concerns. No language issues. No living-condition worries. No missing home. I am at home!

What's my fishing line?

I troll in as many rooms as it takes to engage someone in a text or voice chat. I generally do not ask someone who has a Christian-giveaway nickname like "Jesusfollower".

The text usually goes like this: "Hi. Will you go to Heaven one day?" If the response is yes, I reply, "Great, Be sure to share the message." I then post an electronic tract or my website

If I get a “no” response to my Heaven question, I type, "I like your honesty. A lot of people on here aren't Christians," which is certainly the truth. I usually then type, "Do you really know what we must do to qualify for Heaven?"

The responses range from, "I think so," "I'm working on it," or, the most common, "I am Catholic." (I have found that many Roman Catholics are, for the most part, stuck in the fog about eternal salvation. There's a specific ministry there for somebody.)

I reply, "Most people answer like that." I must remember to be polite and non-confrontational. My motto is: "Share the message, not shove the message." The Holy Spirit does the convicting, right?

I generally text-chat for five minutes or so. My goal is to talk with the person. Yes, I have led many people to Christ by talking to them through their computer speakers. They type their questions or comments while I share the story of salvation through Christ.

If they are ready to make a commitment, I voice a line of the "sinner's prayer" and request that they type it in the text window. I advise them to keep the typed prayer. I generally spend about two hours with each seeker, making God's plan of salvation as clear as I possibly know how.

Before I lead anyone through the prayer of salvation, I underscore that the prayer is not to be said if there are any doubts or questions. I ask an inquirer to consider the prayer to be a vow between himself and God. I advise him that it is as binding and as serious as a wedding vow.

When sharing Jesus, it is essential to be a good listener. Don’t argue. Say things like,"That's interesting," or "I understand why you're upset about that!"

There are too many hillbilly Christian arguers on the Net who overuse the threat of Hell in Christian chat rooms. I often find myself having to present God as caring.

If the questions or concerns are huge, I don't try to lead a seeker to Christ. I listen and comment, then add their name to my friend's list and wait for another time to continue the conversation.

I stumbled across a good way to size up a person's spiritual understanding by asking, "Suppose I was desperately seeking God and I asked you how I could become a Christian right now. What would you tell me?"

If the response is off the mark—and there have been some beauts—I state, "Interesting, but are you aware that the Bible shows us that we can choose right now to become a Heaven-bound Christian? Do you mind if I quickly share with you what the Bible says?"

I'm big on the word choose because we do literally choose to repent of our sins, and we choose to ask Christ to save us and be our Lord and Savior.

We do not need a personal website to be an Internet Fisherman. Drop in the URL for a site which you feel supports or adds to what you are sharing. There are hundreds of good sites such as

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with leading someone to the Lord on the Internet is establishing follow-up. A voice in the night who reaches out to Christ may fade fast if he doesn’t get his feet firmly planted in a church where the clear gospel is preached.

Recently, I had a guy whom I led to the Lord phone a Baptist church in his home town while I waited. The next day he was given a ride to a Bible study. That Sunday, he attended church.

A disappointing fact of life on the Net is that Christians often squabble in chat rooms. There's nothing wrong with a stimulating debate, but unfortunately they often deteriorate into salty insults.

No doubt Christ-haters rejoice while Christ-seekers scratch their heads. As representatives of Christ, we need to be more like Christ who is loving and sensitive to the lost and hurting. Unfortunately, some of us are not.

On my computer, I have assembled 100 or so good Christian website addresses, and a collection of handy Bible verses which I use for witnessing. I have posted one site here.

Good fishing!